The Return of the Inuit Dogs, Starting March 27th!

The final days of Ivakkak 2016

During Ivakkak’s time in Tasiujaq Team 12 had a partner change with Alec Aupaluk being replaced by Charlie Angnatok. When leaving Tasiujaq on April 11th it was a beautiful sunny day. The dogs and racers were eager to leave.

Half way to Qasiriaksivik (their final campsite) you could feel spring in the air as the weather became even better than it was in Tasiujaq. Energy among the racers was at its highest. They made it to Qasiriaksivik way before sun fall with smooth trails. Camps were set by nightfall while Kuujjuaq was geared up to receive the mushers, the final checkpoint.

Ivakkak left Qasiriaksivik at 10 a.m. on April 12th the final day of the race with the first team arriving at 12:45 p.m. There was a huge crowd of about 800 people at Stewart Lake, Kuujjuaq, the Ivakkak finish line. Teams were greeted with loud cheers. Exciting chopper rides were given to locals to help celebrate the race.

The Ivakkak 2016 closing ceremony

The Northern Village of Kuujjuaq organized the closing ceremony at the Kuujjuaq Forum. It included a feast, awards ceremony and a square dance. Tunu Napartuk, the mayor of Kuujjuaq was the master of the ceremony with announcements made by Ivakkak coordinator Jonathan Epoo and Makivik vice president Andy Moorhouse. The community of Kuujjuaq prepared the food and the hospitality was top notch. Crowds went wild as rankings were announced.

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