Preparing for a race

Thank to Avataq Cultural Institute who were able to find some historical photograph of the dogs in the community.

Preparing for a race

By Pierre Dunnigan

I fell in love with the North a long time ago, for the snow and some skiing in the mountains. And then, for the light and the beautiful landscapes; and I kept coming back for the warm friendship of its inhabitants and the feeling of freedom while traveling on the land. As a photographer, I learned to read the light! I am always on the lookout for its magic, in colors, in patterns, in its contrasts; my goal is to bring a reflection on the beauty of nature and its inhabitants; my challenge is to show space and motion; my vision is that « light is always there »! This will be my ninth participation as Ivakkak’s photographer. I hope you enjoy my pictures, I will post the images I like the most.

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  1. We have dogs that look like these original INUIT dogs! Not many left but folk in Canada & EUROPE are desperately trying to preserve the look, build, type 🙂 stunning picture! Thank you for sharing this.

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