Congratulations to all the teams!

Congratulations to Aisa Surusilak and his partner Aipilie Qumaluk who won gold for Ivakkak 2017 with less than three minutes behind Peter “boy” Ittukallak (partner Putugu Iqiquq) who was leading before the finish line. Ittukallak won silver, second place podium winners. Congratulations to Willie Cain Jr. and Putulik Saunders (Ivakkak 2016 champions) who still had a spot on the podium, third place bronze winners. Ivakkak 2017 is proud of our Inuit tradition of dog teaming that made our ancestors survive. Our tradition is alive and well.


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Congratulations to all the teams!

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  1. Congratulations to all who endured the longest Ivakkak Race thus far. The members of the most northerly village in the region thoroughly enjoyed seeing the teams arrive here as the race’s final destination. It has been 14 long years since we last saw the teams. And, as mentioned, it thanks to our ancestors who invented this mode of transport that, that we are here today and even as though powers that be attempted to eliminate this activity, it proves that our knowledge is intact and is alive and well in Nunavik.

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