Day 3 in Chassibi

The day was filled with activities, the remainder of the teams are now making their way into Chisasibi. With more of the teams getting settled its now time to get started with the final checks. This year’s Veterinarian Caroline Fortin began examining the dogs to see how they handled the long journey to Chisasibi from their home communities.

The mushers suggest that the dogs should rest for at least 24 hours to recuperate from the plane ride that often times stresses the dogs out quite a bit.

The dog teams have been a popular attraction to the community. Many people have come by to take photos and to just admire the dog teams in general.

The community of Chisasibi put on an amazing night that was filled with great food and dancing. The elders of Chisasibi told stories about the days that they themselves travelled by dog sled during the days of living in Fort George. Many of the elders mentioned how they are truly moved to see full teams that are healthy and strong.

Peter Boy Itukallak of Puvirnituq spoke about the importance of Ivakkak, and how the event was started to respark the relationship between the Inuit and their dog teams.

Day 3 in Chassibi

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