Final Results – Finish Line

1TasiujiaqCainWillie Cain Jr.Daniel Cain Annahatak72:45:1930:55:37
2PuvirnituqIttukallakPeter IttukallakPutugu Iqiquq 112:48:5831:42:41
3KuujjuaqKaukiGeorge KaukiJiika Cain Snowball82:53:3632:06:31
4KangirsujuaqAnnahatakSandy Annahatak Jaaka Peter "Puulik" Qisiiq53:05:0532:49:52
5KuujjuaqGordonAllen GordonJohnny Mangi Kooktook93:00:4233:57:35
6PuvirnituqSurusilakAisa SurusilakAipilie Qumaluk102:42:1034:27:43
7PuvirnituqNovalingaNovalinga NovalingaJuani Uqaituq23:03:3734:39:06
8KuujjuaqMayJunior MayAhuya Snowball May13:07:3735:07:49
9PuvirnituqBeaulneJean-Marie BeaulnePeter Novalinga63:15:0236:10:10
10QuaqtaqTeam OkpikHarry OkpikMatthew Airo Okpik32:49:0836:11:20
11QuaqtaqTukkiapikJunior TukkiapikAlec Aupaluk124:17:0937:46:46
12TasiujiaqCain Billy CainCharlie Cain4DNFDNF
Final Results – Finish Line

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  1. George Anautaq Pilurtuut
    | Reply

    Thank you Makivik and all other organizations joining the excitement and always interesting to follow Ivakkak race, Thank you for making this possible again this year. Congrats to the winners and the participants.

  2. Congratulations to all racers for an exciting event in Nunavik. Thanks to Ivakkak Marshall, Johnny Oovaut for reporting daily updates of the race on CBC Tuttavik! Thanks to all the regional organizations, companies and individuals for supporting this great Inuit tradition.

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