Ivakkak 2015 – Day 4 Race Results

The 2015 Ivakkak Dog Team Racers left this morning at 9:15am. They left 81 KM away from Umiujaq and travelled another 89 KM on a good trail again – mostly on sea ice and on land for 5KM at the end of today’s trail to a place called Kiukak, near a fresh water lake, a few steps away from the sea shore. There was fog this morning which soon cleared and they finished with a clear blue sky. Tomorrow they start at 9am for a 70-75M trek before they arrive in Inukjuak well before 6pm. The first four racers to arrive today were all barely a minute apart. It is apparent that many are feeling the fatigue of the race but their spirits are high. Please note that at this time the photographs from the last two days cannot to be sent from the land. Stay tuned as they will arrive in Inukjuak tomorrow and there will be many photos to show for.

4th Day Standing Results

1Novalinga Novalinga NovalingaJuani Uqaituq10Puvirnituq8:00:1230:13:20
2IttukallakPeter IttukallakJuani Nutaraaluk5Puvirnituq8:03:1230:16:35
3SurusilakAisa SurusilakRichard Surusilak9Puvirnituq8:01:1531:14:36
4OkpikHarry OkpikGary-Joe Angnatuk6Quaqtaq8:13:1331:29:50
5GordonAllen GordonJohnny Mangi Kooktook3Kuujjuaq8:37:1732:00:30
6CainWillie Cain Jr.Daniel Cain Annahatak4Tasiujaq8:05:3133:23:07
7MayJunior MayAhuya Snowball May8Kuujjuaq9:06:2735:06:55
8KaukiGeorge KaukiBryan David7Kuujjuaq9:18:0135:12:33
9ElisiapikZachariasie ElisiapikSimon Ningeok2Inukjuak9:04:0936:40:39
10CainBilly CainDavid Nayome1Tasiujaq9:14:1436:52:34


Ivakkak 2015 – Day 4 Race Results

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  1. The spirit is strong and the body is weak and in need of rest. A good sleep will help revive the mushers for a new day. The photo of the huskie dog showing acceptance and appreciation to Julie is a keeper for the Doctor’s office. 🙂 Pierre’s photos that capture the many characters of the Inuit Huskie Dog are remarkable.

  2. I have to tell when I say musher I am talking about both men working with the sled dogs as one team. Both men are equally important in sharing the work. Good health to all teams. Inuit life on the land is both inspirational and freedom. Nakurmiik 🙂

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