Ivakkak 2015 – Day 7 Race Results

The Ivakkak dog team racers travelled 84KM today. It was cold and foggy, with some blue sky in the afternoon. The trail allowed for a quick trip, mostly on the land, with lots of detours and curves to avoid rocky mounds.

A few teams chose to go west and use a sea ice trail, to avoid rocks, hoping for a faster trail – looks like their choice was without merit, because that trail was longer.

Harry Okpik decided to stay on the official land trail and managed to lead the race for some time during the day, but eventually Novalinga arrived first, and Harry second.

The incredible Ivakkak dog team racers only have 56KM left before arriving in Puvirnituq, their finish line.

 7th Day Standing Results

1Novalinga Novalinga NovalingaJuani Uqaituq10Puvirnituq6:49:1550:02:27
2IttukallakPeter IttukallakJuani Nutaraaluk5Puvirnituq7:00:0250:18:46
3SurusilakAisa SurusilakRichard Surusilak9Puvirnituq6:46:3351:32:47
4OkpikHarry OkpikGary-Joe Angnatuk6Quaqtaq6:46:0451:45:46
5GordonAllen GordonJohnny Mangi Kooktook3Kuujjuaq7:00:5352:49:50
6CainWillie Cain Jr.Daniel Cain Annahatak4Tasiujaq6:53:0153:26:07
7KaukiGeorge KaukiBryan David7Kuujjuaq6:58:5956:57:53
8MayJunior MayAhuya Snowball May8Kuujjuaq7:40:4857:47:13
9ElisiapikZachariasie ElisiapikSimon Ningeok2Inukjuak7:15:0958:33:46
10CainBilly CainDavid Nayome1Tasiujaq7:38:5760:22:29
Ivakkak 2015 – Day 7 Race Results

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  1. We followed Harry’s team by SPOT crossing over the land and Novalinga’s team crossing along the frozen ice. Exciting to be connected with everyone along the trail. 🙂

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