Race Postponed a day

Due to the poor weather conditions, it has been decided that the race will be held back a day.

If the weather permits the racers are scheduled to hit the trail tomorrow starting at 10:00 am.

The racers will depart Chisasibi in the following order, in 2-minute intervals.

  • Team 1 | Jean-Marie Beaulne and Peter Novalinga
  • Team 2 | Juani Uqaituq and Jakusie Amamatuak
  • Team 3 | Sandy Jaaka and Elijah Qisiiq
  • Team 4 | Johnny Jr. May and Jacob Cain
  • Team 5 | Aisa Surusilak and Carlos Surusilak
  • Team 6 | Mattew Arngak and Michael Qissiq
  • Team 7 | Peter Boy Ittukallak and Eric Ittukallak
  • Team 8 | Aloupa Kaukai and Nicolas Watt
  • Team 9 | Willie Cain and Ken Labbe
Race Postponed a day

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