Team 11 Drops out of the Race

Musher Edua Lucassie and his partner Steven Airo (team 11) have decided they will be dropping out of the race. One of his female dogs went into heat, which has been giving the team issues.

Removing the dog from his team would would bring his team down to only eight dogs. The next portion of the race consists of mountainous regions that will be too difficult to ride.

Thank you for participating in Ivakkak 2018 Edua. We look forward to seeing you return in the next Ivakkak race.

Team 11 Drops out of the Race

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  1. A lot further south but high winds and poor visibility in Wabush today. The pictures are incredible. Sorry Team 11 had to drop out. I wish all the remaining racers a safe and fast run the rest of the way.

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