Team Updates | #3 #5 #8

After yesterday’s race, it was decided that Team #5 Paulusie Jason Irnik and his partner Jamie Kiatainaq would be withdrawn from the race. They unfortunately were only able to travel about 12km before their dogs stopped and refused to continue running yesterday.

They are now in Akulivik and if the weather permits, will return home tomorrow. Thank you for participating this year #5! We hope to see you again in the future.

Team #3 Matthew Arngak | Padlayat Kaitak and #8 Alec Aupaluk | Tivii Kulula are also now back home in their home community of Kangiqsujjuaq.
The dogs of all the teams will remain in the communities where they stopped and will be cared for by locals until the end of the race.

Team Updates | #3 #5 #8

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