Veterinary services up North

Unfortunately, there is no continuous veterinary service offered in Nunavik but some veterinarians occasionally visit the region.

First of all, the Department of agriculture, fisheries and food (MAPAQ) of Quebec offers vaccination clinics for rabies and other common diseases, such as distemper, for all Nunavik’s communities. For each village a local vaccinator is trained to offer the service all year long.  So if your dog needs a booster shot or you need to vaccinate a puppy, communicate with your local vaccinator or with your municipality.

Secondly, the University of Montreal offers a veterinary help-line 1-450-773-8521 ext. 0065 (or email at to all Nunavik’s resident if you have questions about domestic animals. They also elaborated a complete Dog First Aid guide that you can download and, which contains lots of information and images to help you deal with basic health problems. They also would like for you to share your concerns and knowledge about dogs to find and implement long term solutions in the communities. If you wish to participate, call 1-450-773-8521 ext. 0144.

Thirdly, you can also communicate directly with a veterinary clinic down south, especially if your animal needs to be sterilized or hospitalized.

Veterinary services up North

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