Many thanks

I want to take the time to thank a couple of persons or organizations that made this unique adventure possible. Many thanks to:

– Makivik who invited me for a fifth year in a row to be the race veterinarian;

– The organization team and support crew for taking care of me on the tundra, assuring my security and my well-being;

– My assistant Adamie Novalinga for his technical help with the dogs and his patience with my driving skills with the skidoo;

– The mushers that use my services and listen to my recommendations;

– Martin Comeau, the webmaster, who suggested and offered me the chance to blog for the first time of my life;

– Pierre Dunnigan for his company and his beautiful pictures that I cherish as a souvenir of our complete immersion in Inuit culture;

– The Nobis company which have sponsored me with a perfect parka to work in Arctic conditions;

And a final thank you to all the readers. I hope to see you next year !


Many thanks

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