Vaccination against rabies

Vaccination against rabies

By Julie Ducrocq

Julie has been a veterinarian for the last 15 years. She has also been coming up north for the last ten years on different assignments ranging from rabies vaccination in dogs to sampling caribou for disease. Besides working on the Ivakkak race for the last five years, she experienced working as a trail veterinarian on the Yukon Quest and races in Labrador as well.

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  1. When the fur is dry, it’s safe. Drying kill the rabies virus. But it is important to be very careful when removing the skin of a rabid animal. The virus may be present in different nerves and glands in the fresh skin. This virus can infect a wound.

  2. Merci Alain. Wearing gloves would be safest.

    Nakurmiik Julie for your love working with huskie dogs in very cold temperatures. The many photos of you working with the sled dogs is fun and serious too. A book about your adventures with Ivakkak sled dogs would be a good fund raiser. Certainly a book for my library. 🙂

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